the EYE-KEA project

the EYE-KEA project is an International video art event taking place in Cork city, Ireland.

on the 16th – 25th April 2010 at Basement Project Space.

In addition to the Video Art Screening there will be a day of disscussions about the work and disscussions on related topics.

The Symposium/Disscussion will take place on Tuesday 20th April.

And we will be screening a Documentary ‘RIP: A Remix Manifesto’  on Thursday  22nd April at 6:30pm.

Statement about the event:

This event ‘the EYE-KEA project’ is a research initiative to open discussions concerning video art, web 2.0, Throwaway Culture, and the impact of popular culture and technology on visual culture and its effects on society.

Screening works by established and emerging video artists who are pushing the elements of video art. And opening further discussions through a one-day Discussion/Symposium.

This event has been proposed in order to discuss and define what is currently happening to visual culture in light of technological advances which are changing the way we relate to and interact with culture.

Looking at the implications of remix culture, as represented or researched by video artists who analyze the social and cultural changes brought about by the digital & cultural revolution, through their research and art practice.

‘the EYE-KEA project’ seeks to facilitate an exchange of ideas by bringing together a broad range of artists and researchers with expertise and interest in a wide range of related topics, in order to open debate and discussion.

the EYE-KEA project will present video art works by a variety of established and emerging video artists, this event was proposed as means to offer an intersection of contemporary video art which has been inspired by technological advances, popular culture and its effect on society and the visual culture we simultaneously produce and consume.

– Stephanie Hough

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